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We are pleased that you have found us. You are probably looking for a Website that will fit all of your needs: which will not only have fantastic look and allow you to earn money, find new customers but will be primarily well-protected and effectively protect yours and your clients' interests. 

We invented completely new way to secure Websites - by creating many of its cores in the function framework, closed modular code diversification, data hiding systems and many more. Check our offer and contact us to receive an individual offer.

Web Guard Core Team


Transparent, clear, understandable principles of cooperation and implementation of the project.
We assume that "the client knows best what he wants and he is right", although we suggest ideas, interesting solutions and remove doubts

We strive to make you feel satisfied with the service you have purchased. We adhere to the Extra Mile principle - we give more of ourselves that you would like to recommend us to your friends and stay with us for a long time.

The answer is: because we provide the latest solution on the security market:
Multicore sites, up to date solutions and many other technological innovations that we introduce on a regular basis. We will also help with great design and uncovencional ideas for your image. 

You will never have to worry about the technical side of your online project.
Our graphic designers will create a perfect picture of You and Your Company that will delight your Website visitors.
Dedicated project supervisors will take care of all the details, they will inform you if it is worth looking at new issues or solutions.
We provide all of it in one place and at a competitive price. 

We carry out all possible projects:
Blogs, personal websites,
Information services,
On-line stores,
 Jobs Portals 
 E-Commerce Projects
 Hotel Booking
 Authors Sites and more 

Today it is not enough to have a good computer scientist, graphic or web builder - you need someone who knows your industry well.
We are in constant contact and if necessary, we employ specialists to help with the projects.

Long-term cooperation

We focus on cooperation with our clients, which will not end after putting the Site into service. We care about maintaining contact with customers, you will feel our care at every step of the way. We have an extensive post-sales support system, we never leave the customer with a problem. We will help in building, commissioning and securing the Website. We will create a logo, promo video, we will suggest the best solutions available on the global market, including the creation of 3D animation at an affordable price. We provide hosting and domains at the lowest rates on the market in the first and subsequent years.

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We will create eye-catching and head-turning creative innovative image of You and Your company.

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