Our Websites are characterized by top-class data security, functionality, ease of use, full optimization for Google SEO, mobility, responsiveness and many more.

Two types of websites


Word Press

The websites created in this way distinguish functionality, unlimited possibilities, full panel control, all methods of data security and many others depending on the needs. We recommend using this solution if you care about security, logging into the system, wider sales.
WordPress will build news websites, expanded stores, training and educational websites for institutions and corporations. 
The price for building a website with us is reasonable but higher than creating a website using the Bootstrap method. 


Boot Strap

The method of creating simple websites - typically industrial, advertising and small sales. A cheaper, more convenient and definitely more effective advertising way to your new website. This method is chosen by:
Construction and renovation companies,
Car rental companies,
Small shops,
artists, craftsmen, musicans
Service companies and others 

We use our own images, animations, film frames and graphics to create pages. We hold all copyrights and licenses for commercial use on the Web. You can also send us your own materials, for the use of which we are not liable. Your own materials inserted on the site should be your property or you should have the author's consent for their use. At the client's request, we are happy to help with professional editing of texts, pictures and movies in order to turn them into your promotional media.


Commonly used security measures are so-called SSL certificates, graduated according to the level of protection provided - the higher the level of certificate, the higher the level of protection.
There are three levels of SSL certificates: DV, OV and EV, which can additionally be divided according to the number of protected addresses and subdomains.
For example, banks apply the SSL EV protection level 

New Solution


This is a new way of securing websites that has been invented by our IT specialists and operates next to the SSL Certificate. It involves breaking down data into several modules, securing each part separately, folding it back together and publishing it.
Therefore, the site looks like any other, and until the hackers enters the server, they will not be aware of the fact, that the information they are hacked into constitutes 1/10 or 1/20 of the total content of the Website. So in order to break the whole page - they will have to break up even 20 times into its individual parts, which in practice means the effort ranging from a few to a dozen or so days of hacking work and a great risk of being noticed after breaking the first one. In Websites that require daily visits to the administrator, the hacker will be visible immediately.


Domain is your Website name. Like – is a domain. Domain is hired by client and belongs to him. It’s like your proof of ID, so we can help you with getting cheap domain, but your domain must be issued to you. It’s the same like passport- tourist center can help you to get one, but it’s your name that Passport will display. And it doesn’t really matter which tourist agent you will use- you will still get the same passport. There are more and less expensive agents on the market, but at the end of the day you will get the same passport. In the very same way we will help you to get the cheapest possible domain, and advise you what to do with it once you get it. Due to security issues no one can get a Domain on your behalf. Trying to do so will stop your Website from getting an SSL certificate. Under our wings you will be provided with the right solution and legal, well secured Domain service. Usually first year of using Domain is free, but it always depends upon the particular Domain extension market price (whether it’s a .com, or, or other extension).


That is the actual server (disk) on which the page files are kept. Usually the market rule is that the first year is free or cost something like 1 USD. It’s from the second year onwards that the client incurs large expenses related to hosting services ranging from 200 to 500 USD gross, depending on the particular provider. Due to the large number of customers and discounts we receive from hosting companies, prices in the second and subsequent years do not exceed 100 USD gross, according to the premise that the Client stays with us. We provide our own hosting on international servers, or we can find you a cheap local service, it all depends upon your needs. We provide the best choice solution for every Client, always matching the criteria and needs with available hosting servers. Usually Hosting costs $19 per year, if no special needs must be met. Just let us know what do you expect- and we will find the best solution. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is in other words the optimization of websites for search engines such as Google. This is a series of activities aimed at preparing the site so that it will be able to achieve the highest positions in the search results.


Business e-mail box
These days the customized e-mail addresses in the Domain is one of the basic functions that testify to the reliability of the company with which we have contacted. The address on, and similar domains is intended for private use, secured to a lesser extent and limited in functionality (for example almost every business proposal sent via gmail is detected as spam and stopped)
We set up a free company accounts for you and your employees, for example:,,

3D LOGO, Business Cards, Leaflets
We will create a logo for your company.
You can choose from a 2D, 3D photo or rotating logo as the site animation, which is characterized by eye-catching, unique pattern.
We also help in the design of business cards, leaflets and other advertising materials. 

3D Logo


Business Cards


Movie and graphic animations creation and editing is one of our specialties.
We will help to create a breathtaking movie that will remain in your memory for a long time. If you want to publish a professional video of your company's history, product, promote your services, you've come to the right place and we invite you to contact us. Together, we will define the purpose, the audience segment and the way of implementation and promotion - You Tube, Facebook or on your website. We also create a professional intro and outro for your Youtube Channel as below.  


By purchasing your new website from us you get full control over it, log-in passwords and the possibility of making changes. However, we recommend that all the changes need to be made by an IT specialist or at least by a person who knows the basic mechanisms of website operation. If you do not hire a specialist, we will be happy to take you with constant, ongoing care. Depending on the number of changes in the month, you can use our help when the need arises or on a daily basis. Details are set individually - according to your needs and at a reasonable price affordable for everyone. You will find our Website support plans below: 

Ready to Go

  • Buy when you need help. Simply contact us and we will help with no monthly sign up plans.
  • 1 change** made by us on your Website 
  • Dedicated Advisor
  • Up to 15 min consultation 

$ 29  per change

Happy to see You

  • Monthly plan for Customers who need constant help with their website. Service include:
  • 2 changes per week - on chosen days 
  • Website security check,   
  • Security scans and cleanup
  • Dedicated Advisor
  • Up to 30 min consultation a week
$ 199 per month


  • For Customers who need support on daily basis. Service include but it is no limitted to: 
  • Unlimited changes
  • Monthly raports 
  • Website security check's, system upgrade
  • Dedicated Advisor
  • Unlimited consultation ond more... 
From $ 699  per month

Website Support Plan
No Contract Required*

*   There is no need of signing long-term contracts - on all plans we start the work when you make          
     payment. If you decide to buy one of our plans you make an upfront payment and we provide the
     service. There is no cancellation fees.
** 1 change means: replace picture or text, add new service on the subpage - all sent in one email.
     Please understand that rebuilding your website is not a change. 


The disadvantage of every corporation lays in its contact with the Client. By calling the hotline or customer service office, the phone is picked up by various advisers, who don’t know you and need to be explained several times with the same problem every time you call.
With us, you get your own advisor, who is oriented at every stage of the service and ready to help. He is also responsible for after sales customer service, informing about new opportunities and technologies, maintaining close relationships with his customer base and many other services performed for your satisfaction.
Friendly service, clear rules of cooperation, professional service and time of completion are the four main pillars on which we base our business. 

Web Guard Core

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